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BT Mini Whole Home Wi-Fi AC1200 - Three Discs £84.99 using code @ Robert Dyas
BT Mini Whole Home Wi-Fi AC1200 - Three Discs £84.99 using code @ Robert Dyas

£84.99 - Robert Dyas
use code FEB15, good price and get good reviews - works will all broadband providers.

Push faster, stronger Wi-Fi to every corner of your home using AC1200 Dual-band Wi-Fi technology to create a complete Wi-Fi network that works with ALL Broadband providers.

Want to get everyone down for dinner? Temporarily pause the internet with one tap. Only want to pause it for the kids? It’s easy to set schedules so individual users or devices get some time offline.

Create a separate network for guests and keep your home network secure. It’s easy to share access details via the app, see which devices are connected and block any you don’t recognise.

Ideal for downloading music, streaming HD content or for playing online games.

Features and Benefits

  • Removes Wi-Fi dead spots – No more annoying moments when you’re internet drops out as you move around the house.
  • Secure connection – Using the latest security standards to keep your network safe from outside interference.
  • Compatible with all broadband providers – For added convenience, whoever you’re with.


  • Works with all broadband providers.
  • Complete Wi-Fi connection throughout the home from loft to cellar
  • No more dead spots
  • Wi-Fi roaming and band steering.
  • Easy setup. The App guides you to create and set up your Whole Home Wi-Fi system in minutes.
  • Control and schedule access user by user.
  • Prioritise your device and view data usage.

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