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Black Circulon Premier Induction 13 piece set now @ Costco - £197.89
Black Circulon Premier Induction 13 piece set now @ Costco - £197.89

£197.89 - Costco
Costco have finally started stocking the excellent Circulon Premier 13 piece (8 pans + 5 linds) in BLACK.

We bit the bullet when they were previously only available in bronze. The rep told me at the time (4 months ago) that there was a black version on the system available in December but we couldn't wait. I think bronze is often a turn off for most.

The price is probably static at Costco so no real rush. However you won't find it elsewhere and it costs a fortune to add the extras to make up the larger set from the standard available set.

We chose the premier range over ultimate etc because it had holes in the side of the lids (great for draining or allowing steam to escape), rubber / silicone handles on pan and lid so you don't need to use a teatowel, and a relatively low pan height (they are huge on Ultimate etc) which makes it easier to store and lighter to hold.

And don't forget, the Costco no quibble return will really help if you find any issues with these a few years down the line.

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