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Cap your mobile contract to £0 - hotukdeals guide to managing your mobile spend
Cap your mobile contract to £0 - hotukdeals guide to managing your mobile spend

In previous years, It was difficult to know whether you were able to cap your spending on a mobile contract. Normally, the method to do so was not well distributed, after all, limiting your spending means limiting profits, right?

Since October 1st last year, this all changed. Under the new laws, customers must be given the option to add a spending cap to their bill by their provider. This cap includes any usage over your monthly allowance, but doesn't include any additional services such as subscriptions or in app purchases.

Surprisingly, recent figures have shown that over 50% of consumers have experienced a higher than normal bill in the last 12 months; so capping may be a way to help you limit your spending.

Original credit to @anonymous. who posted about this last year, i thought i'd give some extra info on how this can be set up


I'm already in a contract, can I set up a limit?

Some providers may voluntarily offer a bill limit to customers who took out their mobile phone contract before 1 October 2018. However, they are not required to do this. Check with your provider to discuss how to manage your bill costs.

If I request a limit, how long will it take to be in place?

Typically the limit should be set up in a matter of days with most providers, if this isn't the case, the longest you should expect to wait for these changes is one billing cycle (1 month).

Can the limit apply to home phone or broadband services?

No. The changes put in place on October 1st, 2018 are exclusively for mobile phone services.

Can I change, or go over my limit?

Yes, most providers are happy to amend your limit to your needs should you find it too restrictive.

Ready to set up a cap? Okay, let's get you sorted!

I've compiled below some information on how to enquire or set up a cap from your provider of choice. Should your specific provider not be listed, i'd recommend getting in touch with their customer services or billing team as the first step


  • text SPEND CAP to 150

  • call 150 from your EE phone

Only pay monthly customers that have joined or upgraded on or after 1 October 2018 can add a Spend Cap to their account. If your current pay monthly contract started before this date, you can still set up other controls within My EE:

  • select the Controls tab on the Manage My Device page

You can read more HERE


You can reduce your Spend Cap once a month by calling customer service (8002 for free from your O2mobile) or through our webchat on Your new Spend Cap will take effect on your next billcycle date.

You can read more HERE



You can change the blocking settings up to four times each calendar month.

Log in to My3. If you haven't registered yet, you can register your My3 account here.Under Allowances, select Control your spend.Choose how you want to control your spend from the options available.

You can read more HERE



With Vodafone Spend Manager, you can add, change or remove a spend limit at any time.

The easiest way to manage your spend limit is in the My Vodafone app. To do this, just select Products & Services in the app menu, followed by My plan overview.

You can also change the limit by logging into My Vodafone online, by giving us a call on 191 (free from your Vodafone mobile) or visiting us in your nearest store

You can read more HERE


  • It’s real easy to change your Smart Cap, just go in your account and change it anytime. You can set it anywhere between low as £0.00 and £30.00.

    The Smart Cap is the amount that you’re happy to spend above your monthly SIM only plan on chargeable services (i.e. calls to premium numbers or when you’re abroad). You’ll set this during the sign up process.
You can read more HERE

Virgin Mobile

If you are a Virgin Mobile customer, you can change or add a spending cap at any time via Your Account online or using the Virgin Mobile app. If you only wish to use your monthly allowances, and be prevented from using any out of allowances services, just dial 0800 052 9427 from your Virgin Mobile to speak to an advisor. Any changes will be confirmed via text.

You can read more

iD Mobile

It's simple to view and change your cap. Just log in to My Account or your iD Mobile app and follow these steps:

  • Select 'My Services' from the bottom menu
  • To change your cap, select 'Edit My Capped Limit'
  • Move the slider to the limit you want
  • Confirm you are happy with the limit set
You can read more HERE

Sky Mobile

The account holder can set up, change or remove spend cap(s) for each SIM anytime in Settings in My Account online.

You can read more HERE


BT Mobile

'When you buy a BT Mobile plan, we'll set monthly spend and data roaming caps by default.'

To make changes, just go to

You can read more HERE

Hopefully with the above you'll have no problem in setting up a cap to limit your mobile spend. Smile

If you are interested in reading more about the general capping rules put in place, ofcom have a great online article covering this.

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