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EE Unlimited 4G Data Sim only Plan 12 Month Contract (£28)
EE Unlimited 4G Data Sim only Plan 12 Month Contract (£28)

EE Unlimited 4g data on a 12 month contract. No speed cap neither any tethering restrictions. I am very lucky to get this deal. Original price was £34 and i got it for £28 a month including VAT.

It was a nightmare story behind this deal. On black friday 2019 i was on the phone with sales team. I spoke with 20 different agent all with different names before getting this deal price down to £28.

20 out of 19 agent said as a New EE customer they won't give me any discount not even a single penny. The last sale agent i spoke with was a lady who listened to me nicely and was very professional during the whole conversation. Rest 19 agents all were rude and thy were stubborn. No we can't do discount for new customers not even on black friday.

The last agent i spoke with i mentioned i can't afford £34 as i m working 7 days a week to look after my family.

My data usage is almost £200gb a month so no other deal will suit me. Then i bluffed saying i might go to Vodafone so please do something then she spoke with her manager on duty and i was given a £6 discount on a £34 contract bringing the cost down to £28.

I ended up wasting almost 4 hours over the phone as black friday all agents were very busy. It was a nightmare experience but i wanted this unlimited sim data.

Some people might say why didn't i choose Vodafone Unlimited Max data for £30. Whr i live London SE15 5EX i did a speed test on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 on both Vodafone and EE. VODAFONE max out at around 35-40 MB where as EE Max out at around 90-95 sometimes on off peak hours i reached 120 MB on EE whereas Vodafone can't keep up with EE.

I have double checked with EE regarding tethering and speed restrictions. Agent said max 5 devices and cannot exceed over 1000GB a month or thy will terminate contract. I use around 200-300 GB a month so all good. The agent said £6 discount will last forever till i Quit EE

Try your luck. I almost gave up. EE doesn't want anyone to give discount specially for new customers. Thy do discount for existing customers so give it a try so existing EE customers might have a better chance

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