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Looking for Advice on Next Laptop
Looking for Advice on Next Laptop

Morning all,

I'm in the market for a new laptop to replace my aging Hp Elitebook. I have a desktop already, but I need a laptop that I can take with me while I'm out of the house that is capable of doing the work I need to do.

What I'll mostly be using it for is as follows:

- Light gaming (Football Manager, Rocket League)
- Photo/Video editing (Photoshop)
- Music production (FL Studio)
- Writing Code (Python, JavaScript)
- YouTube/Netflix
- Work/office related tasks (Office suite)

Below are the following features I'm looking for in a laptop:

- Quality IPS screen
- 14 - 15" Screen
- Good at multi tasking
- Good Battery Life
- Good GPU/CPU
- Good selection of input/outputs (Hdmi, 2x USB3, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Wireless, SD card reader, Usb-C (optional))
- Backlit keyboard
- Touchscreen (optional)
- Dual storage (optional)

My budget is £550 as I plan to purchase the laptop outright. However I could slightly increase the budget for the right laptop. I'm not after the most high spec'd laptop, just something that's good enough to keep me occupied away from the desktop.

I plan to fit an SSD or increase the ram if the laptop doesn't initially come with enough storage/memory.

So far I've come across the following laptops: (I'm aware that they don't include all of the features I listed, but the majority of features that I'm searching for)

[Huawei Matebook D 14"](

[Hp Pavilion 15"-cw0008na](

Out of these 2 models which would you go for? Additionally, are there any other laptops that are worth considering?


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