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Seven Supercar Experience Day 42 miles total, 7 x 6 miles £137.40 @ Everymanracing
Seven Supercar Experience Day 42 miles total, 7 x 6 miles £137.40 @ Everymanracing

£137.40 - Every Man Racing
Use code 'bf40' for this price. When you are booking select 6 miles in each car for this price, 3 miles in each car is cheaper, but I feel this offers a much better experience. A typical circuit will be about 1.5 miles long, so a 3 mile per car experience will have you join the circuit after the start/finish straight, then all the way round and then back off, so you never actually get to start at the start finish line and fly through the finish as a whole circuit, whereas this deal allows you to do it many times in 7 cars.

Cars will include (I've put the usual options for this level 'gold' in brackets) :
Ariel Atom, Aston Martin (probably DB9, V8 Vantage) , Audi R8 (older V8 not V10) , Bentley, BMW i8, Caterham, Ferrari (360 or 430), Jaguar F-Type (V8 R, lovely car) , Lamborghini (Gallardo) , Nissan GTR (2nd gen not 3rd), Porsche (996 Turbo) , a Rally Car, Single Seater.

A £60 deal went hot on here for 3 cars with 3 miles each for £60 (buy a gift), that was a decent gift for your first time at one of these events, but to actually spend a bit of time with each car, this is a little over double the price for 7 cars with 6 miles each, so double the price, but for over 4 times the miles!

You get a FREE high speed passenger lap in probably a BMW M3 or Vaxhall/Holden VX8/Monaro, plus you can pay a bit extra for demo laps, photo packages etc.

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