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Tesco Clubcard Vouchers set to expire - Check yours now!
Tesco Clubcard Vouchers set to expire - Check yours now!

In case you weren't aware, Tesco periodically expires any unused clubcard vouchers. The next cull is for the end of this month, on the 29th to be exact, and Tesco have said there's millions of clubcard points still to be used, equivalent to 650,000 weekly shops!

It's also worth noting if you redeem these points with a clubcard partner, of which there are 150, you can triple the reward amount, saving you £££'s at places such as Pizza Express or Thorpe Park.

Misplaced paper vouchers can be checked via the Tesco Clubcard App;

Google Play

Want to do it on the web? go Here and select Clubcard Account

Remember to have your clubcard handy to sign in!

I had a quick look myself and realised I had a £3 voucher I missed, so that will go towards the next food shop Smile

Drop a comment in if you have any success in finding some old vouchers before they expire 8)

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