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The Road Trip At The End: The Trilogy by J N Wood FREE Kindle ebook at Amazon
The Road Trip At The End: The Trilogy by J N Wood FREE Kindle ebook at Amazon

All three books in The Road Trip At The End trilogy.

Book One: View
Book Two: Border
Book Three: Farm

All Chris wanted was two weeks to travel around the Wild West, but an unknown killer virus ruined his road trip.

When the world is collapsing around him, one man finds himself 4,500 miles from home.

With a lot of help from his friend, and the people he meets along the way, Chris tries to escape the United States of America. The world is no longer as small as it once was. England seems a million miles away. If he can escape the devastation of the US, he just needs to find a way to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

Buy the three books in one and follow Chris and his friends as they attempt to navigate this epic journey.


"I loved this book. One of the most entertaining I've read for a long time. The characters are relatable and you really grow to care what happens to them. It's better written than almost all of the apocalyptic books I've read previously and deserves far more recognition."
- AH

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Trilogy, captivating from start to finish. Very surreal how the subject matter fits today’s strange COVID-19 world!"
- Veronica

"From start to finish this is a great story about one man's trip and desire to survive. Highly recommend."
- Patricia

"It is one wild ride when Chris is stuck across the ocean and half another country from his wife and his home. The worst has happened and then it got worse than that. Through many events, and many people, Chris sort of evolves as he faces crisis after crisis and goes on for another hour, maybe another minute. He evolves quickly to meet demands but at the same time, what is deep inside him stays the same, his desire for home and family, and nothing, nothing, will stop him. He isn't a superman, he just won't quit."
- Nancy3333

"A lot of twists to this trilogy. This definitely was action packed and unpredictable. If you like this kind of story, you'll like this."
- B. Luna

"I greatly enjoyed this book. Very well written and wonderful story line. Very good character development. Really, really well done."
- Jenny

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