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Xbox One S All-Digital Edition to Launch in May 2019
Xbox One S All-Digital Edition to Launch in May 2019

Update 15/04/19 : Further leaked images also reveal the console will come with a 1TB hard drive, with pre-installed copies of Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Forza Horizon 3.

Bundles are expected to come in at around the 230 Euro mark - expect similar in UK markets at £230ish price point, rarely see conversion like for like but we can hope.


There's strong rumours across the WWW that Microsoft are set to launch an ALL DIGITAL Xbox One S in April this year, with the consoles being shipped in the first half of May 2019.

I'm all for new consoles but i'm not sure i quite get them, Microsoft, launching ANOTHER Xbox One S without a disc-drive.

Yes, it's great for digital-only users but unless it's more powerful and/or cheaper than the current prices of a Xbox One S atm, with a disc-drive, will it struggle?

Especially with a lack of a 4K drive for other media.

Prices are also usually much higher elsewhere on digital stores, that goes for all publishers like PlayStation & Nintendo.

Yes the Xbox Pass is good value for money, that's coming from a PlayStation fan myself, maybe you'll get a 6/12 month sub with a new bundle.

Now and again we have Xbox digital sales also, maybe they'll offer even deeper discounts?

Would you be interested in an all-digital Xbox hardware? if so what price would you be willing to bite at?


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